How To Cure Smelly Feet Quickly? (Natural Home Remedies)

Do your smelly feet put you off from taking your shoes off in other person’s house? Is your family bothered by your smelly feet? If yes, let us help you ease the condition. The medical forename for “Smelly Feet” is Bromodosis. It can make yourself embarrassed and confused when standing close other people, especially your mate. It even can be worse and affect your life.[…]

Are You Doing High Ankle Sprain Treatment The Right Way ?

Once it gets sprained, it is not capable of absorbing the shock and the pain radiates upward to the whole leg. Although high ankle sprain occurs rarely, still once happened, it is quite severe. It is called High Ankle Sprain and this condition requires special care and treatment for further recovery […]

What Causes Pain On Top Of Foot And How to Treat It?

Running is one of the best cardiovascular exercises, which has an enormous contribution to your health. Studies have shown that as little as six miles a week can help keep weight off, lower both cancer and stroke risk at the same time as well as improve the level of your blood sugar. Still, what happens when you get pain on top of foot as a result of such an excessive running […]