How to Choose Basketball Shoes?

How to Choose Basketball Shoes?

how to choose basketball shoes

Before we talk about choosing the best basketball shoes, let’s first understand what does basketball shoes require? Basketball is one of the games that require a lot of footwork. So, what do I mean by footwork? It means that you are constantly on your feet while you are playing the game.

Not only are you on your feet – there is a lot of running, jumping and spur of a moment change in direction required. There is some of the other activity going on requires you to be quick and one your toes.

In this case, there are several factors that you need to worry about and think about when it comes to your basketball shoes for outdoor. The shoes need to be designed or chosen so that it reduces or minimizes the risk or probability of foot and ankle injuries.

Additionally what needs to be kept in mind is that the game is played on the floor and last but not the least, your comfort is the most important criteria. A perfect shoe fit will give you the 1 to 1 feeling, so you have less time worrying about their feet and would be concentrating on the game better.

However, when it comes to selecting the best shoe for basketball, there are some fundamentals that need to be kept in mind. The most important is the athlete and his or her playing style. The shoe needs to be suited for your right playing style.


The Scorer/High-Flyer

The other basic fundamental is the comfort and cushion. We are talking about being on the foot for close to 48 mins i.e., the playing time of the game and during this entire time you are constantly going to be running about. To ensure that you try on the shoe and it has the relevant cushioning that you need for running and jumping during the game.  


Another factor is the traction, which is equally important as the lockdown and the fit. If you have ever seen a game of basketball, there is one thing that the athlete will never do i.e., run in a straight line. There is constantly running off screens, cutting other players and finally come the picks and rolls all of which require you to stay grounded. So finding a shoe with great traction will up your comfort levels while playing.  


So in short, for the scorer, the slasher and the high flyer, a shoe with good traction, fit or lockdown and definitely support and the cushion is needed.  


The All-Rounder

Here again traction and lockdown or fits again come into the picture. Here when we talk about the basketball game – it’s all about starting or stopping all of sudden or even having to change directions at the spur of a moment. What matters here is that your shoe is able to keep you locked or hold you down, when these quick movements are being made. Hence the shoes that you buy need to should be able to take care of these so that it’s the game that’s your focus and not the feet.


Along with the fit and lockdown of basketball shoes for outdoor, the other components that come into the picture are the arch support and the lateral support. The arch and lateral support are of prime most importance for the slashers, who are constantly driving into the floor which cutting across the opponents. Hence the shoe requirement here needs to be such that the foot is always on the footbed; however as the movement takes place, the heel needs to remain in place.


Again for the all-rounder, the next thing that needs to take care of is the cushioning. However, the amount of cushioning or not depends again on you. Sometimes while trying to basket the goal, your feet might ride high above the ground, which can lead you to feel unstable. In that case, you might want a shoe that is low along with being responsive. Or the other option might be that you might want to feel the ground beneath your feet and along with that, you might also want a high protection from the impact. In this case, buying a shoe with good foam should be good enough.


Power player

A power player would be someone who can facilitate or even score and slash, or for that matter fly as and when needed. A power player is able to perform, irrespective of his or her height or weight.


For a power player, the shoe needs to definitely need to have fit and lockdown, these are features that cannot be compromised on. Also along with it has to be closely followed by support and further assisted by cushion and traction. It’s like saying that the shoe should be like you if you are a combo player and can do everything; your shoe also should be such that it also do anything and provide complete support during your game.


Post Player

Now let’s try and understand what a post player does and what are their shoe requirements. When you think of the post player, you think of blocking shots, crashing boards and backing down opponents.


For such players, the shoe needs to have a perfect fit and lockdown since these players require their shoes to stay firmly in place and not come out while making that important and timely move. Another thing that’s important that the shoe needs to be able to provide is support since most of the moves made will be swift and powerful and that too in a confined space. Equally important is the arch and lateral support, which helps provide torsional support. Further, at times due to the moves and if the shoe doesn’t have the relevant arch support, you can overextend your arch, which would cause a lot of discomforts. The cushion also needs to be considered for post players. Cushion support in the shoe comes in two types – heel to forefront cushion and heel-only cushion. The choice depends on you. If you refer the forefoot and heel cushion along with the feel of the floor and the responsiveness, then you might need to go for something that has Zoom Air for the front and Max Air as the heel support.



Finally, the person wearing the basketball shoes for outdoor has to ensure that he or she is comfortable and able to make the necessary movements that are needed for the game without any difficulty or without the shoe coming off. Hopefully, some of the pointers mentioned above will have you make the right choice.

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