How Running helps in improving cardiovascular Fitness

Exercising on a regular basis is quite important for fitness and health. It is the best way to control weight. The article aims at elaborating your body condition while running and how your physical and cardiovascular fitness is improved by running.

Running is the best option to choose but definitely not the only one. However, there is very less equipment required for it, and it can be done anywhere to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Meaning of Cardiovascular fitness

Cardiovascular fitness can also be referred to as cardiovascular endurance and aerobic fitness. It is the person’s capability to carry out the physical activities and to make use of oxygen efficiently for a long duration. It can be referred to as the consequence of the situation when blood, lungs, muscles, and heart work together during exercise. It is an inseparable part of human’s health. With the improvements in cardiovascular fitness, innumerable physiological changes befall in the body of a person.

Having greater cardiovascular fitness means that one can definitely complete the activities that involve cardiovascular strength, such as walking up the stair, hiking, biking and also strength training. For instance: a marathon runner has a high level of cardiovascular fitness, but he/she may be weak in muscular aspects because of the lack of strength training. The body of a runner is stiff due to consistent working on the same muscles.

Building Cardio Respiratory Endurance

Improving the oxygen consumption of the body helps in building strong cardio respiratory endurance. Also known as Aerobic Fitness, cardio respiratory endurance, performs exercise at an adequate intensity level for a longer time period. The best way is to begin by warming up the muscles, further by exercising for at least 20 minutes and close by cooling down to return the heart to normal.

There is a difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise involves running, jogging, swimming, bicycling, or even walking at a high speed than usual. All these activities contribute in raising up the heart rate as larger muscle groups are used. Automatically, as the heart rate rises up, the breathing also fastens up that fill up the lungs with the oxygen. This transfer of oxygen and blood.

Exercising for 30 minutes of a minimum at a moderate level intensity as this helps the body to metabolize after 30 minutes of the aerobic activity. Carrying out aerobic activity on a regular basis will help in improving the oxygen consumption of a person.

Following are the ways in which running helps in the improvement of the cardiovascular system

According to a study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology; by running just for five minutes in a day can help in adding years to your life. The more the people run, the healthier are their hearts.


  • Strengthens the heart muscles


With the help of blood vessels, the blood rich in oxygen moves to the muscles. The minute capillaries that are present in the muscles remove oxygen and other nutrients and carbon dioxide and other waste products are sent back.

By running, the heart gets strengthened. Also, the number of capillaries is increased and the capability of the muscles to use oxygen. Running helps the heart to get stronger and more efficient through the muscles by getting a proper supply of oxygen and energy. A good amount of oxygen is also supplied to the brain that makes it healthy and alert. Hence, the walls of the heart are held together that leads to the overall productivity of the body.


  • Running lowers, the blood pressure and cholesterol levels


30 minutes of regular run every day, helps in reduction of the low density lipoprotein, the ‘bad’ type of cholesterol and an increase in the high density lipoprotein and ‘good’ type of cholesterol. By carrying out the physical activity on a regular basis, the high blood pressure becomes stable.


  • Running reduces the heart’s workload


The runners have active hearts and usually, their resting pulse rate is lower and the amount of oxygen intake is higher. This makes the heart capable of handling the pumping of a larger amount of blood, and perform other activities easily.


  • Running minimizes the risk of heart disease


It has been found that the people who have started running consistently, reduce the risk of heart diseases to be caused by 35-55%. Carrying out of this physical activity (running) on a regular basis can help in the prevention of the formation of blood clots in arteries and blood vessels. Even a study of the year 2014 came out with the result that running has dropped the risk to death by 45%.


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