Creating the conditions of a gym in the comfort of your home

How many times did you postpone going to the gym because you just didn’t have the time to do it? Or perhaps you simply avoid it because you don’t like the idea of working out in a gym. However, you do like the idea of having all that equipment at your disposal and train as real athletes do. So, how can you solve the issue with your schedule or discomfort to train with so many people around and still get the workout you would like? Well, in this case, you should seriously consider setting up a gym in the comfort of your home. If you have a bit of space that you can dedicate to your workout sessions then things may be easier for you. Having the possibility to train at home will solve your schedule issues and will allow you to get in shape in no time.


  • 1- Decide if working out alone is the thing for you


Maybe the idea of having your own personal gym seems great, but are you really up to it? You will need to be very motivated and disciplined to get through with your workout sessions as scheduled. If not, you will be spending a fairly good amount of money on equipment you will never really use. Also, you will need to know how to execute your exercises correctly, so that you get the most of them and don’t risk an injury. You can get all the information you need if you do some proper research, so it is worth thinking well if training solo is the thing for you, before you invest in a gym for at home.


  • 2- Come up with a budget for this goal


The equipment created to help you work out at home usually don’t come out cheap, so you will decide how much you are willing to spend when looking to create a gym at home. What you need to know is that you really don’t have to spend a small fortune on such equipment. You need to do some research and find the type of equipment you would like to use, the one that will help you reach the desired results. Thus, on average, it is enough to spend between $1000 and $2000 to get everything you need for a proper workout session at home. After all, you will be able to upgrade your home gym in time, if you feel the need. For example, you can start by taking a set of dumbbells, as there are many kinds of exercises that can be executed with this type of equipment. Plus there are more than enough dumbbell sets to train at home to choose from. Considering that you are just starting out, stick to the basics at the moment until you develop proper physical resistance. This is why dumbbells represent the best choice in your case.


  • 3- Create a proper atmosphere for workout sessions


When designing a gym in your home you will have to be creative and think about the things that will keep you motivated to continue working out on a daily basis. So, create an enjoyable space where working out will be a real pleasure. Make sure you can listen to music during your workouts, if this is what you want, hang posters with motivational quotes, decorate and equip the room properly so that you will feel the desire to work out and make the most of your time in this space.  Don’t forget about mirrors, as it can be highly motivating to see yourself working out and sweating. Believe it or not, the atmosphere and surroundings can have an impact on your mood, so use this aspect in your favor.


  • 4- Besides dumbbells, what other kinds of essential equipment are there?


Let’s say you got the set of dumbbells, but you would like to enjoy diversity when it comes to the available exercises. While there’s no use to invest in complex machines at this point, there are some essential pieces of equipment you can get. Thus, you can invest in a barbell and plate set, as it will allow you to work the entire body, through specific exercises. But, if you really want to take advantage of your barbell set, you will have to take a bench as well. What to look for when shopping for a work out bench? Ideally, it should offer incline and decline features, just in case you will want to take your workout session to another level. This way, you will make one purchase that will last you for quite a long time. Of course, you may not have the physical strength to go for a split bodybuilding style just yet, but who knows. You can also invest in a rack, although this is usually the piece of equipment that costs the most from all the essential items you can purchase at first. So, do some research and decide which option works best for you.


  • 5- The type of flooring also counts


When setting up a gym in your own home, it would be great to change the flooring in the room or space where the gym will be installed. Doing so will not just reduce the noise produced by the usage of the equipment, but will also help you keep your pieces of equipment in an excellent shape. How will this happen? Well, each time you will put them on the floor you won’t risk getting them chipped, cracked, or damaged in any way. What kind of flooring should be used? If you do a quick research, you will see that there are special flooring options when it comes to gyms. They are insulating enough to protect the rest of the house from any unpleasant noises and they are sturdy enough while being soft at the same time, to prevent injuries and equipment damage.


  • 6- When your budget can handle additional features


If you think that you can invest in more than what was previously mentioned and make your home gym look truly professional, there are some things you can get. A suspension trainer or TRX is the kind of equipment you can get for your personal gym, as long as you have where to hang it for a proper training session. You can also invest in a punching bag or a spin bike, depending on your preferences, if you have the room for such equipment.


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