8 Best On-the-Go Snacks for Runners

8 Best On-the-Go Snacks for Runners

As a runner, you already know the importance of staying fueled up while you’re on the move. But you can't just stop in the middle of a run for a three-course meal, so you’ll need something quick and convenient that you can take with you; something that's lightweight and gives you the energy you need to perform at your best.

If you can't think of any foods that match these criteria, here are eight of the best on-the-go snacks that are perfect for runners.

1. Coconut Water

Best On-the-Go Snacks for Runners

It’s important to maintain your fluid levels while running so you can optimize your performance. Since you’ll be sweating a lot, you’ll be losing electrolytes such as sodium, calcium, and phosphorous through your skin.

Coconut water is rich in electrolytes, so it's a great drink for staying hydrated.

2. Frozen Grapes

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This one may seem a bit peculiar but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Frozen grapes are perfect for runners; they’re like little, lightweight hits of refreshment and energy whenever you need them.

Grapes are not only a great source of vitamin C, but they also increase the amount of fat you burn and help minimize the risk of exercise-induced damage.

3. Raisins

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Staying on the subject of fruit, raisins are a very popular snack choice among runners for two reasons. First, raisins are full of calories to keep you going while replenishing the energy in your muscles.

Second, if you consume a handful of raisins, it’s going to feel like it’s barely touched the sides. Therefore, you don't feel bloated, full, or any other condition that could affect your ability to run.

4. Gummy Bears

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You might not feel like sweets are the best food to have while on a run or any time of day, but they do have their benefits. If you’re looking for a long-lasting energy boost during your run, it’s highly recommended that you turn your attention to gummy bears.

However, remember that gummy bears do not contain any actual nutrients so consume them sparingly.

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5. Bananas

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One of the most renowned energy foods in the world, an average banana contains around 30 grams of easily digestible carbs that can enhance your muscles, blood, and thus your performance. Bananas are lightweight, easy to chuck into a bag, and quick to consume, making them perfect for runners.

Bananas are extremely flexible which is why they are perfect for runners. If you're struggling for new ideas when it comes to spicing up your banana snack, why not mash it up and add some flavorings, such as cinnamon. You could even mash it up with other fruits!

6. Baby Food

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This may come as a surprise, but baby food is simply blended or mashed-up fruit and veg in a glass pot. It’s also extremely cheap.

Baby food is also known for not being overly processed and contains plenty of vitamins and nutrients that a baby would need as they grow. Empty out a jar into a sandwich bag and you’ve got yourself a very rich and nutritious running snack.

7. Pretzels

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Lightweight, easily accessible, and packed with carbs, pretzels make a near-perfect choice when it comes to running snacks.

8. Homemade Energy Bars

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One of the best ways you can get the fuel and nutrients you need is to make your own energy bars. Using oats as your base, you can easily add whatever ingredients you want, such as dried fruit, dates, or honey.

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