5 Best Shoes for Standing All Day 2017 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

The Best Shoes for Standing All Day 2017

best shoes for standing all day

If you have a job that requires prolonged standing, then you know what it feels like to go home with sore feet, an aching back, and maybe even a few blisters at the end of each day.

Standing all day comes with a host of potential long-term health problems, including bad circulation, cardiovascular disease, and arthritis.

That's why we here at Running Addicted came up with a list of the best shoes for standing all day, complete with reviews and a buyer's guide.

It's not easy being a teacher, retail assistant, doctor, nurse, food server, or any other role that involves standing for long periods, but the right shoes can make things easier.

What Are the Best Shoes for Standing All Day 2017?


New Balance 1500 V2 

Our Rating

Best for Night Runs


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Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8

Our Rating

Best for Big Toes


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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

Our Rating

Best for Daily Use


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1. Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8 - Best for Big Toes

  • Cushionging: 5/5
  • Stability: 5/5
  • Comfort​​​​: 5/5
  • Fit: 5/5
  • Our rating: 5/5
  • Cushioning: Retained over long periods
  • Stability: Good stability front and back
  • Comfort: Feels “like butter.”
  • Fit: Like socks, with roomy toe box

With numerous positive reviews on Amazon and other websites, the Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8 running shoe is currently one of the most popular on the market. Equipped with Adidas' Boost technology, the Supernova Glide Boost 8 ensures comfort for prolonged periods, making it suitable for running, walking, and yes, standing.

Several happy customers have described the Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8 as “the best” and “the most comfortable” shoes they have ever worn. Let's take a closer look at why it is among our list of the best shoes for standing all day.

Features and Benefits


  • High arch and deep heel cup for maximum support
  • Vegan
  • Fits in medium- to high-volume footwear
  • High-density foam layer for long-lasting comfort
  • Odor control coating
  • Free of formaldehyde, latex, nickel sulfate, and preservatives
  • Helps relieve pain due to plantar fasciitis and posterior tibial tendonitis


  • Heavier folks may experience arch pain
  • Relatively expensive
  • Not enough cushioning according to some users

2. New Balance 1500 V2  Best for Night Runs

  • Cushionging: 5/5
  • Stability: 5/5
  • Comfort​​​​: 5/5
  • Fit: 5/5
  • Our rating: 5/5
  • Cushioning: “Goldilocks” level – not too soft, not too hard
  • Stability: Lightweight; great for normal arches
  • Comfort: Very comfortable, does not disappoint
  • Fit: Like a glove

New Balance shoes are designed to fit and the 1500 V2 is no exception.

Not straying far from the original edition, the New Balance 1500 V2 running shoe is almost the same as the V1, but better. Equipped with sophisticated technologies like RevLite, T-Beam, and FantomFit, the 1500 V2 promises responsive cushioning and lightweight stability.

Moreover, the 1500 V2 provides excellent traction, breathability, and a snug fit. Users praise this shoe for being very comfortable, fast, flexible, and requiring no breaking in. Many say they would recommend the New Balance 1500 V2, which can be used for both training and racing.

Features and Benefits


  • Comfortable, glove-like fit with enough room in toe box
  • Great arch support
  • Tough and flexible outsole
  • Lighter midsole but with same responsiveness as heavier ones
  • No inserts required
  • Does not need to be broken in
  • Can be used in races and competitions
  • Comes in bright colors, which are advantageous in night runs


  • Printed logo on the insole fades and leaves residue
  • Limited color schemes

3. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Best for Daily Use

  • Cushionging: 5/5
  • Stability: 5/5
  • Comfort​​​​: 5/5
  • Fit: 4.5/5
  • Our rating: 4.5/5
  • Cushioning: Plush and responsive.
  • Stability: More support in front than rear
  • Comfort: Comfortable and lightweight
  • Fit: Snug and secure

Another popular running shoe that has made it on our list is the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33.

Now in its 33rd edition, the Pegasus is a versatile shoe that combines style and performance, making it suitable for various purposes, whether it's running a half marathon or running errands. Satisfied customers have reported wearing the Pegasus 33 for training, running, hiking, and working.

Some of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33's notable features include hexagonal lugs on the bottom for great traction and Zoom Air bags for a cushioned ride.

Features and Benefits


  • Sturdy outsole with great traction
  • Highly comfortable fit and feel
  • Zoom Air bags add a boost to each step
  • Responsive, spring-like cushioning
  • Neutral shoe with good arch support
  • Suitable for running both long and short distances
  • Aesthetically pleasing style and design
  • Good value for money; reasonably priced


  • Toe box is narrower than the previous edition's
  • Laces have a tendency to come undone
  • Sizing is tricky, according to some users

4. Brooks Ghost 8 Running Shoe – Best for All-Around Use

  • Cushionging: 4.5/5
  • Stability: 5/5
  • Comfort: 4.5/5
  • Fit: 4.5/5
  • Our rating: 4/5
  • Cushioning: Just the right amount
  • Stability: Excellent stability in the heel and forefoot
  • Comfort: A balance of structure and flexibility
  • Fit: Hugs the foot

The well-loved Brooks Ghost running shoe gets more tweaks and improvements in its eighth edition.

The Ghost 8 is the first Brooks shoe to feature an engineered mesh upper, which fits snugly and has ample padding for superb comfort. And unlike most running shoes that have one-size-fits-all cushioning, the Brooks Ghost 8 has adaptive cushioning that responds to your unique stride.

Comfort, performance, and durability come together in the Ghost 8. Many users praise this running shoe for withstanding multiple uses over a long period. See more reasons why it is one of our picks for the best shoes for standing all day.

Features and Benefits


  • Segmented crash pad smooths out heel-to-toe transition during gait cycle
  • Flexible and abrasion resistant outsole
  • Very smooth and consistent ride
  • Prevents slipping on wet and dry surfaces
  • Biodegradable midsole with soft, adaptive cushioning
  • Parts are sturdy and don't wear easily
  • Roomy toe box
  • True to size and available widths


  • Not enough reflective coating on the upper
  • Not suitable for running in low light conditions

5. Mizuno Wave Creation 17 Running Shoe – Best for Distance Running

  • Cushionging: 4.5/5
  • Stability: 5/5
  • Comfort: 4/5
  • Fit: 4.5/5
  • Our rating: 4/5
  • Cushioning: High-level and high-tech
  • Stability: One of the most stable on the market
  • Comfort: Good even without socks
  • Fit: Follows the shape of the foot

Since its founding, Mizuno has been dedicated to the advancement and promotion of sports through technology and research. This philosophy is evident in the company's products, which are created to enhance athletic performance.

The Wave Creation 17 is no exception. This running shoe boasts a fluid ride, maximum cushioning, impact absorption, great ventilation, and more.

The tough yet comfortable construction of the Mizuno Wave Creation 17 makes it ideal for long periods of use, which is why it is not only one of the best shoes for running but also one of the best shoes for standing all day.

Features and Benefits


  • Full-length ventilation prevents overheating and moisture
  • Good for mid and long distance running
  • Tough X10 carbon rubber outsole
  • Removable insole
  • Firm but supportive cushioning
  • Improves transition between gaits
  • Infinity Wave plate returns energy to the runner
  • Reflective upper material makes it suitable for night runs


  • More expensive than similar shoes
  • Some users find it a bit heavy

​Shoes for Standing All Day Buyer's Guide

best running shoes for standing all day 2017

Most of us are aware that sitting for long periods is unhealthy; you've probably heard the phrase, “sitting is the new smoking.” But did you know that standing all day isn't good for you, either?

Like sitting, standing for extended periods brings about a number of health issues, both long-term and short-term. Problems such as lower limb muscle fatigue, musculoskeletal disorders, and back pain can all stem from standing all day

According to a small study published in the journal Human Factors, standing for a couple of hours is fine. It's when you stand for longer than that that problems start to happen – being on your feet for longer periods is “likely to have detrimental effects.”

​The Bad Effects of Standing

Aside from leg cramps and backaches, which can be felt almost immediately, standing for several hours a day can also lead to swelling of the legs, varicose veins, poor blood circulation, blood clots in the lungs, cardiovascular disease, and even premature birth and spontaneous abortion in pregnant women.

In addition, long periods of standing can cause misaligned joints, flat feet, and inflammation that can result in arthritis and rheumatism later on.

​The Good Effects of Standing

But before this article turns into a case against standing, we have to mention that being on your feet does have its benefits as well when done in moderation. Standing works the muscles, burns calories, improves memory and focus, decreases neck and shoulder strain, and keeps unwanted weight off.

The Human Body Likes Movement

The truth is, the human body is meant to move, not stay in one position all day. Holding an upright stance for several hours daily is very tiring. Thus, it is recommended to switch between sitting and standing, take frequent breaks, and stretch regularly throughout the day.

Of course, you also have to have the right footwear to support you. The best shoes for standing all day need to feel good and look good.

We've already presented the options, so now let's take a look at the qualities that a good pair of shoes for standing must have.

​What Makes a Good Pair of Shoes for Standing All Day?

best running shoes for standing all day 2017

Whether you're keeping shop, treating patients, or working on the assembly line, you need a good pair of shoes to take care of your feet. Because when your feet suffer, the other parts of your body and your productivity suffer, too.

Whatever industry you're in, if you spend most of your working time standing, you have to look for shoes that:

  • Are comfortable. This one's a no-brainer! As we mentioned earlier, the right footwear can prevent unwanted health issues. Meanwhile, the wrong shoes can not only cause problems but also make existing conditions worse.
  • Fit properly. There's nothing worse than wearing shoes that are too tight or too loose. Ill-fitting shoes can cause pain, calluses, blisters, sprains, and more. Because your feet aren't the same size, have both measured when buying shoes and get a size that accommodates the bigger foot.
  • Have a roomy toe box. A wide toe box allows your toes to splay naturally and move around. Narrow and tapering toe boxes make your gait less balanced and can cause hammertoes, bunions, and ingrown toenails, among others.
  • Have great arch support. The arch of the foot is put under a lot of pressure every time we walk. People have different arch heights; check if yours is low, normal, or high so you can buy the right shoes. Instructions on how to do this are in the FAQ section of this article. But if you're in doubt, stick with neutral shoes to avoid injuries.
  • Are breathable. Good ventilation is crucial in preventing moisture, heat, and odor. Who wants to have stinky, sweaty feet? No one.
  • Suit your style. Since your shoes will be on your feet all day, they might as well look good, right? Fortunately, running shoes come in a lot of beautiful designs and colors to accommodate various tastes and preferences, so you don't have to sacrifice your style for comfort.

The bottom line is, you need to feel super comfortable in your shoes. You're going to spend a lot of time in these babies, so take your time in researching your options and reading reviews.

The last thing you want is a pair of shoes that doesn't fit well because you didn't bother to do your research and just ordered the first pair you saw because they looked cool. Fortunately, we've already done much of the hard work for you by picking out and reviewing the top five best shoes for standing all day.

Changing your insoles could be an alternative choice if you don't want to buy a new pair of shoes


Q: When is the best time to buy shoes?

Q: Is it okay to measure just one foot?

Q: Do I need to rotate my shoes?

Q: How often should I replace my shoes?

Q: How often should I replace my shoes?

Q: How do I find out my foot arch type?

Q: What is EVA?

Q: What is a toe box and why is a wide toe box important?

Q: Where can I learn more about the different parts of a shoe?

Q: How do I prevent smelly feet?

Q: How else can I care for my feet?

Final Thoughts

So you've gone over the whats and the whys of the best shoes for standing all day... and you're still confused. We understand, it can get overwhelming with all this information on hand.

And while it's hard to pick just one shoe from our top five (they're all great, that's why we selected them), if we really had to choose only one, we'll have to go with the Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8.

The Supernova Glide Boost 8 ranks high in comfort, which is the most important factor for people who have to stand for several hours. The roomy toe box and breathable mesh upper let the foot relax, so wearers can concentrate on their work and not on their feet.

So there you have it. The Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8 is Running Addicted's best of the best shoes for standing all day! 

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