10 Best Insoles for Standing All Day – 2019 Reviews and Top Picks

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, then you’re no stranger to aches, hot spots, blisters, and other foot conditions. Whether you’re an athlete, outdoor enthusiast, or have a job that requires prolonged standing, the pain and discomfort that you experience can be alleviated with aftermarket insoles.

Although many people simply pop a few painkillers and power through, ignoring those aches and pains can eventually lead to secondary problems. Corns, nail infections, Athlete’s foot, fallen arches, sore joints, and back pain can all arise from wearing ill-fitting shoes that don’t give your feet the support they need.

Depending on your needs, there is a wide variety of shoe inserts to choose from, from something that will cushion your feet to something that will enhance your athletic performance. Not all are created equal, however, so we’ll tell you which are the best insoles for standing all day.

But first…

Why Are Good Shoe Inserts So Important?

There are many benefits to wearing insoles in your shoes, and doing so can work wonders for your feet. From improving your comfort when standing to treat and preventing foot disorders, shoe inserts have a wide range of uses.

Investing in a pair of good shoe inserts can even extend the lifespan of your shoes, saving you money on footwear in the long run.

Generally speaking, there are two types of insoles: comfort and support.


Comfort insoles are suitable for people who experience foot pain and fatigue from standing or walking on hard surfaces all day. These can be made from gel or foam and come in different lengths.

Support or sports insoles are firmer, providing structural support and stability rather than direct cushioning.

Selecting a good quality shoe insert is important because it prevents and treats a number of injuries and conditions. These problems can be minor or severe depending on how much strain your feet are under, and for how long.


Short-term Problems

Corns are small, circular areas of hard skin on the feet. These often appear as a result of your shoes rubbing or putting excessive pressure on your feet and can cause additional pain and discomfort when wearing shoes.


Fungal infections, such as Athlete’s Foot and fungal nail infections, are common and can be easily picked up at swimming pools. The damp, humid environment inside your sweaty shoe create the perfect conditions for the infection to take hold and spread. Wearing a breathable insole made from moisture-wicking fabric can help to keep your feet dry and healthy.


Blisters are formed by your shoes rubbing against your skin, which usually happens if your footwear is too loose-fitting. An insole can help to create a firmer fit, preventing the formation of painful sores on the heels and toes.


Ingrown nails usually develop as a result of wearing tight or ill-fitting shoes, and can be very painful. If left untreated an ingrown toenail may become infected, and will be warm, swollen, and painful to the touch, with yellow or white pus.


Long-term Problems

Structural misalignment, whose symptoms include pain in the foot and discomfort in other parts of the body.

Underpronation or overpronation, where the foot rolls out or rolls in excessively while walking or running.

Plantar fasciitis, a painful condition where the plantar fascia, the ligament that supports the arch, is strained and torn.

Jumper’s knee, runner’s knee, shin splints, and stress fractures.


Top 10 Best Insoles for Standing All Day

Despite the above tips and information, we know that it can still be a challenge to choose the right shoe insert, with so many models out there. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and listed the 10 best insoles for standing all day below to help you out.

1. Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles

Support: 5/5

Comfort: 5/5

Durability: 5/5

OurRating: 5/5


Best For: People with high arches and/or plantar fasciitis

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Since its inception in 1977, Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles have remained pretty much the same for 40 years.

Fitting most roomy shoes and boots, this professional-grade insert is suitable for individuals with high arches and/or those who are suffering from foot pain, heel pain, arch pain, and plantar fasciitis.

Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles have a distinct shape that helps support and stabilizes the foot, reducing stress on the feet, ankles, and knees.


-High arch and deep heel cup for maximum support


-Fits in medium- to high-volume footwear

-High-density foam layer for long-lasting comfort

-Odor control coating

-Free of formaldehyde, latex, nickel sulfate, and preservatives

-Helps relieve pain due to plantar fasciitis and posterior tibial tendonitis


-Heavier folks may experience arch pain

-Relatively expensive

-Not enough cushioning according to some users


2. Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotic Insoles


Support: 5/5

Comfort: 4.5/5

Durability: 5/5

OurRating: 5/5


Best For: Mild to moderate pronators

Recommended by podiatrists, the Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotic Insole offers foot control, cushioning, and flexibility.

Providing medical-grade foot support, it is ideal for metatarsal, arch, heel, ankle, and knee pain, as well as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, mild overpronation, and Morton’s neuroma.

Suitable for mild to moderate pronators, the Powerstep Pinnacle features an encapsulated design and semi-rigid shell for flexibility and full arch support. The deep heel cradle protects the heel from impact during walking and running.

Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotic Insoles can be used in work, casual, and athletic shoes.


-Double-layer foam cushioning for enhanced comfort

-Good for a variety of foot conditions

-Provides significant pain relief

-Turns tough shoes into all-day shoes

-Flexible and supportive for mild to moderate pronation

-Built-in arch support and heel cradle for motion control

-Antimicrobial top fabric


-Too thick for some shoes

-One user complained that arch support sits too far forward


3. Sof Sole Athlete Insoles

Support: 5/5

Comfort: 4.5/5

Durability: 4. 5/5

Our Rating: 5/5


Best For: Athletes, and people who spend long hours on their feet

With a neutral arch that fits most foot types, Sof Sole Athlete Insoles are ideal for casual and athletic shoes.

Good for running, walking, cross training, and everyday use, these synthetic inserts can help improve the comfort and performance of your favorite shoes.

Various technologies are integrated into the Sof Sole Athlete, including Hydrologix moisture-wicking technology to keep feet dry, gel pads in the heel and forefoot to absorb shock, and Implus foam to provide cushioning and comfort.

The Sof Sole Athlete Insoles are suitable for individuals who spend hours on their feet.


-A great all-around insole

-Good for people who walk a lot

-Fits most foot types

-Feet stay cool and dry

-True to size, can be trimmed down if needed

-Very comfortable

-Cradles and supports the foot


-Does not last long

-Too thick for some people


4. Timberland PRO Anti-Fatigue Technology Insoles

Support: 5/5

Comfort: 4.5/5

Durability: 4 /5

OurRating: 4.5/5


Best For: People who spend long periods of time standing or walking

Made with leather and synthetic materials, Timberland PRO Anti-Fatigue Technology Insoles feature a lightweight and supportive inverted cone design that makes it different from other aftermarket inserts.

The shock-absorbing cones compress and rebound with every step, returning energy back to key zones of the foot and minimizing fatigue.

The Timberland PRO also has an anatomically contoured footbed for maximum comfort, an OrthoLite top layer for moisture management, and an Outlast top cover for odor control. It fits all foot shapes thanks to its dynamic arch design.


-Provides all-day support; suitable for long work days

-Good cushioning

-Quality construction, durable

-Easy to cut to fit

-Anti-fatigue technology delivers as promised

-Helps with aches and pains

-Outlast top cover keeps feet cool and odor-free


-A user reported that it tends to scrunch up in the shoes

-Another found it to be too thick

5. Sof Sole Airr Performance Insoles

Support: 4.5/5

Comfort: 4/5

Durability: 5/5

OurRating: 4.5/5

Best For: People with low arches

Made for active lifestyles, Sof Sole Airr Performance Insoles are packed with various features that allow you to go about your day without any pain.

For superior shock absorption, there are Skydex air capsules in the heel and arch as well as polymer gel in the forefoot.To keep feet cool and comfortable, the Sof Sole Airr has a Coolmax moisture-wicking top cover and polyurethane footbed.

The neutral contour design and reinforced stability plate in the arch deliver motion control and support for users with low arches.


-Long lasting; one customer used his for three years almost daily

-Suitable for people with flat feet

-Good for active folks

-Feels very comfortable

-Relieves and prevents pain from standing all day

-Comes with a one-year warranty


-Does not fit into all shoes

-Too thick for some types of footwear, leaving insufficient space for the feet


6. SOLE Softec Ultra-U Arch Support Inserts

Support: 4.5/5

Comfort: 4/5

Durability: 5/5

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Best For: Hikers, walkers, and athletes.

SOLE Softec Ultra-U Inserts are created for people of all arch types. Pop them in the oven and stand on them for a couple of minutes, and you have custom insoles that follow the shape of your foot.

The thickest member of its family, the SOLE Softec Ultra-U features 3.2mm of open-cell, shock-absorbing cushioning. It is designed for roomier footwear such as hiking boots, work boots, and athletic shoes.

Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association, SOLE Softec Ultra-U Insoles alleviates aches and pains from bunions, plantar fasciitis, and other foot problems.


-Recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association

-No animal products or byproducts

-Suitable for loose-fitting shoes

-Good for folks with plantar fasciitis

-Good arch support

-Very durable and long-lasting


-Feels stiff for some users

-Too thick for some shoes

7. Superfeet Black Premium Insoles

Support: 4/5

Fit: 4.5/5

Durability: 5/5

OurRating: 4.5/5

Best For: People with flat feet, plantar fascitis, or tight footwear.

Superfeet Black Premium Insoles are the brand’s most flexible model. Low-profile and low-volume, these inserts can help enhance the fit and feel of tight-fitting shoes, including those with non-removable stock insoles.

Made with synthetic materials, Superfeet Black Premium Insoles feature natural NXT antibacterial coating, a reinforced stabilizer cap, closed-cell foam, and an accommodating heel cup for support and stability.

People with flat feet, foot or heel pain, and/or plantar fasciitis will find comfort in the thin and light design of Superfeet Black Premium Insoles.


-Suitable for people with flat feet and low arches

-Good for dress shoes

-Durable; can last a year of daily use

-Can be cut to the shape of the shoe

-Supports even heavy individuals

-Good for prolonged standing

-Fits as good as custom orthotics

-Free of latex and animal-derived materials


-Relatively expensive

-Some users complained of pain from using the insoles

8. Spenco PolySorb Cross Trainer Insoles

Support: 4/5

Comfort: 4/5

Durability: 4.5/5

OurRating: 4/5

Best For: Athletes, particularly runners

Spenco PolySorb Cross Trainer Insoles promise to provide the best combination of shock absorption and energy return for lasting comfort, injury prevention, and foot pain relief.

These inserts come in seven sizes to fit youth, men’s, and women’s sizes. Good for walking, running, sports, and other activities, Spenco PolySorb Cross Trainer Insoles enhance athletic performance while extending the life of your shoes.

Made with lightweight polyurethane foam, EVA, and Spencore, the Spenco PolySorb absorbs shock and offers superior cushioning. In addition, the four-way stretch fabric with Silpure antimicrobial controls odor and prevents blisters.


-Foot feels cradled and supported

-Eliminates issues associated with shin splints

-Good for standing all day


-Alleviates knee pain

-Good cushioning for sports activities

-Ideal for people with neutral arches


-Sizing is off; runs large and cannot be trimmed down in some cases

-Arch support is high and hard

-Breaks down easily

9. Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Work Insoles

Support: 4/5

Comfort: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

Our Rating: 3.5/5

Best For: People who routinely stand on hard surfaces (such as concrete) for extended periods of time.

Created for individuals whose jobs require them to be on their feet all day, Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Work Insoles provide lasting cushioning and arch support.

These make casual shoes, sneakers, and work boots feel more comfortable on hard surfaces.

The Massaging Gel waves act like tiny springs that cushion and support feet for extended periods. In addition, cooling vents keep feet cool and dry while you work and firm columns deliver support to an overworked arch.

Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Work Insoles should be cut to fit and are meant to be used as a replacement insole.


-Good for people with plantar fasciitis

-All-day shock absorption

-Good for hard surfaces

-Helps reduce leg and foot muscle fatigue

-Forms to the shape of your forefoot

-Available in men’s and women’s sizes

-Keep feet cool, dry, and comfortable


-Thin around the ball of the foot

-May smell funny, according to some customers


10. Spenco PolySorb Heavy Duty Insoles

Support: 4/5

Comfort: 3.5/5

Durability: 4.5/5

OurRating: 3.5/5

Best For: People requiring insoles for daily use and a range of activities

Spenco PolySorb Heavy Duty Insoles were designed for workers who want targeted shock absorption and all-day cushioning, comfort, and support. These neoprene inserts feature a low arch, forefoot crash pad, cushioned heel pad, and lightweight PolySorb foam, making them ideal for standing on hard surfaces.

Spenco PolySorb Heavy Duty Insoles deliver superior cushioning and return during prolonged standing. Plus, there’s no need to worry about smelly feet when you use these inserts; the four-way stretch fabric with Silpure antimicrobial controls odor, as well as keeps blisters at bay.


-Great for work boots or hiking boots

-Doesn’t chafe easily

-Great for concrete and other hard surfaces

-Reasonably priced; value for money

-Can be trimmed to fit

-Targeted shock absorption

-Designed for heavy use, but also good for all-around use


-Some users found the heel area to be too thick

-Caused aching arches for others


How to Choose the Best Insoles for Standing All Day

While not always customized to your feet, aftermarket insoles come in various models, with a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials to pick from. Finding a pair of insoles that suit your personal needs is therefore easy, if you know what you are looking for

When selecting the best insoles for standing all day, there are many different factors to consider. Choosing the best insoles for your personal requirements would largely depend on your foot shape, shoe type, and medical conditions, if any.

To make sure you get the best possible benefits from your new insoles it is important to identify exactly which aspects of your foot health need improving, and whether you have any preexisting medical conditions.

Consider Your Shoe Type

If you wear running shoes, hiking boots, or other high-volume footwear, go for a high-volume insole. These provide extra stability and support, holding the foot in a healthy position when you are standing for long periods of time.


If you wear casual shoes, cycling shoes, or other low-volume footwear, choose a low-volume insole. These often contain gel and are more flexible, which gives your heel and forefoot additional cushioning when you are standing. This absorbs more shock from the floor and can reduce the foot pain, knee pain and arch pain associated with standing or walking for hours at a time.


Shoes that fit well in the mid and forefoot but not in the heel can result in heel slippage, causing hot spots and blisters as your foot moves around inside your shoe. This can be improved with a mid- to high-volume insole, which minimizes excess volume in the back of your shoe and holds your foot in a stable and comfortable position

When Will You Wear Your Insoles?

People who spend hours standing on hard surfaces, such as concrete, are particularly susceptible to foot pain. Hard surfaces put a lot of extra pressure on the feet and can negatively affect your posture, as you shift your weight to alleviate pain in various areas of your feet.

If this applies to you, pick an insole with extra cushioning and arch support to hold your feet in a healthy and comfortable position, and absorb more of the shock from hard, unforgiving surfaces.

Do You Have a Specific Condition?

If you have arch pain or plantar fasciitis, opt for a full-length insole with a built-up arch and shaped heel that provides good cushioning to your heels and forefeet. A semi-rigid, foam insole is often best for treating these conditions, as these provide a good combination of cushioning and support to your arches and feet.This type of insole is also good if the muscles on the outside of your foot or ankle are overworked, either by standing or walking for long periods of time


If you have an injured calf or Achilles tendon, a heel lift can help alleviate the pressure on the damaged areas of your feet and legs. These should be used in both shoes even if only one leg is injured or sore, to avoid imbalances in your posture and gait.


If you have low or collapsed arches, use a firm, rigid insole with plenty of support, as this helps to stabilize the heel and distribute pressure evenly across the foot.


If you suffer from Metatarsalgia or ball-of-foot pain, you should choose an insole that offers lots of cushioning and support under the arches of your feet. These should also feature a metatarsal pad for maximum arch support.


Those with heel spurs and heel pain should opt for an insole with lots of cushioning under the heel, to alleviate pressure and make you more comfortable when standing.


People with Morton’s Neuroma often suffer from a burning or tingling sensation in the forefoot, which is usually caused by a compressed or irritated nerve. If this applies to you, choose an insole with metatarsal pad and additional padding under the forefoot, as this will help to take the pressure off the affected nerve.

How to Find a Good Fit

After narrowing down your options to a few models, it is recommended to try them out first.  There are a couple of simple tests you can perform to decide if the insole is right for your feet:

  1. Stand on the insole prior to placing it inside the shoe. Lift your other foot and balance on the foot on the insole. Do you feel stable and supported?
  2. Remove the stock insert, place the insole inside your shoe, and test the fit and feel. Do you feel stable and supported? Does the insole take up just the right amount of space inside the shoe?

More Tips

A good insert should be flexible, lightweight, and durable.


For a more customized fit, look for a heat-moldable insole. This insert is usually warmed up first in an oven, then stepped on to conform to the shape of your foot.

Tips:  How to make insoles stick?

If you stand or walk for long periods of time throughout the day, you may find that your insoles slip around inside your shoe. This is especially true of people who wear shoes with heels, and can lead to blisters on the heels and toes, or even additional pain in the arches of your feet.

To prevent your insoles from slipping around, there are a few simple tricks you can try to keep them in place:

-Check Your Shoe Size: Often, insole slippage is caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes that are too big for your feet., creating extra volume inside the shoe and giving the insole space to move around. Consider checking your foot size to make sure you are wearing shoes that fit your feet properly.


-Toe and Sole Pads: One easy and effective fix for the problem of insole slippage is to use shoe pads, to adjust the position of the feet and reduce extra volume inside the shoe. This helps to hold your insole in place and stop them from slipping around.


-Superglue: If you wear your insoles on a daily basis, consider sticking them to the inside of your shoe with superglue, for an easy and effective fix.

Final Thoughts

There is no one-size-fits-all insole that will solve everyone’s foot problems, which is why we’ve rounded up the 10 best insoles for standing all day to help make the decision-making process a little easier for you.

But if you were to ask us, we highly recommend Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles. There’s a reason this model has been around for decades; it simply works.

Whether you’re an athlete recovering from an injury or a hard worker whose feet take a beating daily, we hope that you found our guide useful and that you find the right insoles for you.




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